Finding the Best Financial Solutions for Your Customers

Our Advisor product automates and speeds up the core credit and advisory processes by:

  • Gathering all relevant factual financial information
  • Providing an accurate and holistic overview of the ‘current situation’
  • Analysing the financial impact of any future scenarios such as real estate transactions, major investments, etc.

Thanks to integrations, an advanced calculation engine and an intuitive user interface, Advisor lifts this process to an entirely new level.

The system enables you to offer the best possible advice and allows your customers to make the best possible decisions – an important goal whether in retail banking, pension management, private banking or other areas.


Advisor Makes the Difference

Finding the right products and making the best possible financial decisions is a win-win situation for financial advisors and their clients. When you provide overviews and calculations that are easily understood, you build trust. Because trust is the basis of a strong long-term customer relationship, keeping valuable customers happy and expanding your business with them just became easier through Advisor.

While providing better information, Advisor also automates the otherwise tedious task of gathering data. This automated process can include customer self-service access. In addition, setting up future scenarios requires almost no effort, leaving more time for more customers.

With Advisor, you get the accurate holistic overview and scenario calculations required for the best possible credit rating in loan situations. Reaching the correct decisions as soon as possible is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

The Unique Approach of Advisor

The core of Advisor is a powerful budget and account model based on experience stretching back as far as 1988.

Around this core we have implemented powerful capabilities:

  • Innovative integration capabilities that allow an enormous number of data sources to be queried in an automated way – quickly building a budget
  • Intuitive user interface in which selected elements can be made available to customers, such as the ability to make budget adjustments
  • Advanced and fast calculation engine that simulates future scenarios within seconds

Graphical representation of the economy

The advanced calculation and simulation capabilities of Advisor is the core of the product. However, all those calculated numbers must be communicated and truly understood.

Advisor provides different graphical illustrations to help in that regard. For example, one of them illustrates expected future income. Another important graph shows the expected future development in net worth.

Major financial decisions have tremendous effects for many years. This can be hard to communicate, but Advisor will do it for you.

All Channels

You can make Advisor available across all channels, such as:

  • VIP / Personal advisor meeting
  • Advice through call center
  • Self-service website (or app using web services)
  • Web-service enabled for other integrations (e.g. to provide data for apps)

Advisor is customised to suit the requirements of each channel.


Advisor has a modern technical architecture that takes full advantage of the technologies available today:

  • Cloud-enabled (can be hosted in the Cloud or within your own IT-infrastructure)
  • User interface is HTML5-based (for easy access from any computer or relevant mobile device)
  • Fast response times and high scalability achieved by making presentation logic and simpler tasks client-based


Advisor has been implemented successfully and rapidly in several major Scandinavian firms, among them the largest pension-fund organisation in Denmark. Our attention to customers is personal, but our reach is global.

We want you to be up and running as quickly as possible, and we will take charge of the process to get you there.

Advisor can be implemented in steps. For example, you can immediately begin to gain the benefits of using Advisor and then save further time with additional integrations implemented later on.

Get in touch with us so that we can help you to identify the business opportunities associated with Advisor.

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